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Announcement: Courses

MAT 259 Visualizing Information (Instructor: George Legrady, UCSB) (Winter 2007) (graduate seminar)

Film and Visual Culture: Narratives of the Virtual (Instructor: James Tobias, UCR) (Fall 2006) (graduate seminar)

New Media and the Reading Experience–New Approaches to Textual Forms, Interfaces, and Social Interactions (Instructors: Alan Liu, UCSB and Kevin Almeroth, UCSB) (Fall 2006) (graduate colloquium)

Media Morphologies (Instructors: William B. Warner, UCSB and Lisa Parks, UCSB) (Spring 2006) (graduate seminar)

Reading Code (Instructor: Rita Raley, UCSB) (Winter 2006) (graduate seminar)

Textuality and New Media Ecologies, 1600-2000 (Instructor: Alan Liu, UCSB) (Winter 2006) (graduate seminar)