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Anne Balsamo

Director of the Institute of Multimedia Literacy, USC [Keynoter] (more…)

Alan Liu

Transliteracies Leader; Director of Transcriptions Project; Chair and Professor of the English Department, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Annenberg Center Institute for Multimedia Literacy

This project focuses on bridging from traditional notions of literacy to audiovisual or multimedia (visual, audio) “literacy.” Its focus is on the audiovisual and on multimedia.

Memories for Life Grand Challenge Proposal

Like other recent “store your whole life digitally” initiatives (cf., Gordon Bell et al., MyLifeBits), the UK-based Memories for Life proposal foresees the need not just to store vast amounts of personal digital information but also to search and model such information. One aspect of the proposal bears on Transliteracies. Memories for Life envisions developing “detailed models of an individual’s abilities, skills, and preference by analysing his or her digital memories” and then using these models to “optimize computer systems for individuals.” For example, “a short-term challenge could be to develop a model of a user’s literacy level by analysing examples of what he or she reads and writes, and linguistically simplify web pages based on this model; this would help the 20% of the UK population with poor literacy.”

Walter Bender

Executive Director of the MIT Media Laboratory [Keynoter] (more…)

John Seely Brown

Visiting scholar at the Annenberg Center, University of Southern California; former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and Director of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) (more…)

Nicholas Dames

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University (more…)

Peter Lyman

Professor Emeritus of Political Science, School of Information Management and Systems, UC Berkeley (more…)

Tara McPherson

Associate Professor and Chair, Division of Critical Studies, USC School of Cinema-Television Founder of Vectors journal at the USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy (more…)

Leah Price

Professor of English and American Literature, Harvard University (more…)

Brigitte Steinheider

Director of the Organizational Dynamics Program and Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa Graduate College (more…)

Curtis Wong

Group Manager of Microsoft Next Media Research Group (more…)