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Conference 2005 Planning/Critique Session Notes

Planning/Critique Session: Saturday June 18, 2005 McCune Room, UCSB Moderator: Alan Liu

The following notes were taken by James J. Hodge [PDF version of notes]

         [See also the notes taken by Judith Green at the session]

[Disclaimer: These are notes, not a verbatim transcript, of comments at the planning session.]

I. Introductory Comments: Alan Liu, English, UC Santa Barbara:

II. Critiques and Suggestions from Conference Participants and Members of Audience:

Jerome J. McGann, English, University of Virginia *At UVA since 1993–the last 3 years especially–developed 3 kinds of software designed to investigate text and other cultural practices, e.g. Ivanhoe *The great demon: “talk ideas to death and nothing will get doneâ€? *It was a “good thingâ€? that UVA had no money from 1993—2001; one needs money in order to build, not to talk *Advice 1: hire programmers from outside the academy because they are goal directed, work familiarly with timelines and deadlines *Focus made a big difference in deciding what to do with money. *Advice 2: “Don’t spent a penny on conferences.â€? *Question of audience: “what audience are we aiming at?â€? Elementary, post-secondary? UVA focused on post-secondary *Raise money: go after primary and secondary education. Rationale: it is harder to build tools for post-secondary education


Christiane Paul, “Forms and Models of Online Reading” (links to projects presented)

Early Hypertextual Models



SMS Literature

Filtering of Large-Scale Online Communication

Filtering the Book | Alternative Spatial Models

Online Multimedia Narrative

Immersive Reading Environments