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Transliteracies Revised Work Plan, v. 1.1

— from Alan Liu, Project Director,
to Transliteracies Project Members

(Oct. 8, 2005)
The following is version 1.1 of the Transliteracies Revised Work Plan. Version 1.0 was posted for comment on 16 Sept. 2005. Suggestions from project participants have been folded into this version 1.1. Some of the most substantive of the suggestions are: encouraging faculty to supervise independent studies courses for graduate students wishing to participate in the project; adding a comparative case study to the supporting materials for the “White Paper”; additional detail on the mission of the project publications advisory group; additional known examples of graduate courses that will contribute to Transliteracies; and an example of faculty research interests feeding directly into “reports” for Transliteracies.
—-Best wishes, Alan        
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