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Transliteracies is primarily a research project. But participants and research assistants teach courses that bear on the themes of the project or allow students to contribute research reports for the project Clearinghouse.

Textuality and New Media Ecologies, 1600-2000 (Instructor: Alan Liu, UCSB) (Winter 2006) (graduate seminar)

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Writers and readers of literature have a special relation with the written word. How did that relationship arise and change in the historical moments–from pre- to postmodernity–when “text” arose, or was redefined, in relation to new technologies that reconfigured the whole ecology of media and communications? This course will study “new media texts” (texts and reading practices responsive to new media ecologies) with attention both to larger cultural/theoretical issues and a succession of specific case studies from the Early Modern to contemporary periods. Text+ (more…)

Nathan Blake

Graduate Student, Visual Studies Program, UC Irvine (more…)

Jason Farman

Graduate Student, Theater Dept., UCLA (more…)