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Announcement: Alternative Interfaces

Alternative hardware or software paradigms of the interfaces—e.g., haptic, augmented, immersive, non-standard physical or screen navigation systems, etc. (Objects in this category may also be included in other categories related to individual hardware or software topics.)

Vectors: Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular

Vectors is an online journal that embraces the Internet as the space for embracing and engaging critical experimentation and collaboration on topics related to and inspired by its digital environment.

Vectors is an international electronic journal dedicated to expanding the potentials of academic publication via emergent and transitional media. Moving well beyond the text-with-pictures format of much electronic scholarly publishing, Vectors brings together visionary scholars with cutting-edge designers and technologists to propose a thorough rethinking of the dynamic relationship of form to content in academic research, focusing on the ways technology shapes, transforms and reconfigures social and cultural relations.”