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Results of Online Experiment During Roundtable 3

The online experiment during Roundtable 3 on “Reading as a Social Practice” - in which audience members wrote their thoughts to the conference site during the panel discussion- generated 195 posts from 17 users in 90 minutes, ranging from comments that engaged with the panelists’ remarks to those that reflected on the features of the online experiment itself. One member of the panel (Kevin Almeroth) also actively participated in the online discussion, while a few other panelists were able to read the discussion as it developed—leading to interesting flows of communication between the “backchannel” conversation and the “front channel.” The online discussion was displayed on the screen during the Q&A session after the panel. (See transcript of the online discussion).
      Warren Sacks, who earlier in the day presented his Agonistics project (a visualization filter and reading tool for Usenet or blog discussions), produced an Agonistics visualization of the Roundtable 3 online discussion immediately after the event. (See visualization.)

  tl, 06.19.05

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