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Conference: “Text & Image: From Book History to ‘The Book is History'” (UC Irvine, Feb. 1-2, 2007)

Text & Image: From Book History to “The Book is History”
Thursday and Friday, February 1 – 2, 2007
135 Humanities Instructional Building, UC Irvine

Co-sponsored by the PhD Program in Visual Studies, HumaniTech, the Humanities Center, the International Center for Writing and Translation, NACS, and the Departments of History and Comparative Literature.

This conference explores media history from movable type to the most recent debates about text and image, including the tensions between image and writing, from hieroglyphs to the fax, from automatic type-setting to film title sequences, and from motion graphics in broadcast media to issues around images and writing in computer-mediated communication. It will include conversations on book history, library acquisition and archives, the Google library initiative, digital libraries, and copyright.

Participants . . .

  • Edward Ayers, History, University of Virginia
  • Jean-Francois Blanchette, Information Studies, UCLA
  • Sharon Block, History, UCI
  • Anne Burdick, Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design
  • Richard Burt, English, University of Florida
  • Robin Chandler, California Digital Library
  • Mark Dimunation, Library of Congress
  • Cory Doctorow, Electronic Frontier Foundation
  • Jackie Dooley, UCI Libraries
  • Bob Folkenflik, English, UCI
  • Donald Hoffman, Cognitive Science, UCI
  • Ramesh Jain, Computer Science, UCI
  • Peter Krapp, Visual Studies, UCI
  • Peter Lunenfeld, Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design
  • WJT Mitchell, Art History, University of Chicago
  • Jane Newman, Comparative Literature, UCI
  • Samuel Weber, German, Northwestern University

    Free and open to the public
    Organized by Peter Krapp and Barbara Cohen

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