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INKE 2009 Birds of a Feather Conference

Call for Papers: INKE 2009
Implementing New Knowledge Environments: Research Foundations for Understanding Books and Reading in the Digital Age
23 and 24 October 2009, University of Victoria (http://www.uvic.ca)
Proposals by 1 June 2009 to inke.conference@gmail.com

Digital technology is fundamentally altering the way we relate to writing, reading, and the human record itself. The pace of that change has created a gap between core social/cultural practices that depend on stable reading and writing environments and the new kinds of digital artifacts—electronic books, being just one type of many—that must sustain those practices now and into the future.

This conference explores research foundations pertinent to understanding those new practices and emerging media, specifically focusing on work leading toward [1] theorizing the transmission of culture in pre- and post-electronic media, [2] documenting the facets of how people experience information as readers and writers, [3] designing new kinds of interfaces and artifacts that afford new reading abilities, [4] conceptualizing the issues necessary to provide information to these new reading and communicative environments, and [5] reflection on interdisciplinary team research strategies pertinent to work in the area.

We invite paper and poster/demonstration proposals that address these and other issues pertinent to research in the area to INKE 2009, to be held at the University of Victoria, 23-24 October 2009. Proposals should contain a title, an abstract (of approximately 250 words) plus list of works cited, and the names, affiliations, and website URLs of presenters; fuller papers will be solicited after acceptance of the proposal.

Some funding is available to assist in graduate student travel to this event; if you wish to apply for this, please indicate this when submitting your proposal.

Please send your proposals before 1 June 2009 to inke.conference@gmail.com. Proposals will be reviewed and participants contacted by 1 July 2009, and papers for publication in the conference volume will be due 15 August 2009. Conference details will be posted as they are available to http://www.inke.ca/inke2009, beginning 1 May 2009.

Programme Committee: Ray Siemens (U Victoria), Stan Ruecker (U Alberta), Alan Galey (U Toronto), Richard Cunningham (Acadia U), Claire Warwick (U C London), Tassie Gniady (U Victoria, Coordinator).

  Kimberly Knight, 05.21.09

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