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UC Multicampus Research Group (MRG) Proposal, May 2, 2005

Download MRG proposal:

This proposal for a UC Office of the President Humanities Multicampus Research Group (MRG) award (maximum grant: $35,000/year for five years from UC Office of the President, plus equivalent cost-sharing from UC Santa Barbara) is the first of an anticipated series of grant applications for the Transliteracies Project. For this particular proposal (see MRG proposal call), only University of California faculty are listed as project members—though in the future Transliteracies plans to recruit researchers from other institutions as well as possibly to affiliate with other research programs. Also, due to the nature of this proposal, the rationale statement emphasizes the perspective of, and benefits to, the humanities. Future grant applications—whether for overall implementation of the project’s intended technology initiative or for specific technological, social-science, or humanities aspects of the project—will expand upon other perspectives.

Participants in the 2005 Conference: UCSB Conversation Roundtables on Online Reading are asked to read this grant proposal before the event’s closing planning session. The proposal will serve as the basis of discussion and revision at the planning session.

  tl, 05.05.05

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