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Sharon Daniel

Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media, University of California, Santa Cruz; member of University of California Digital Arts Research Network (DARnet)

Sharon Daniel
Sharon Daniel teaches classes in digital media theory and practice. Her research involves collaborations with local and on-line communities, which exploit information and communications technologies as new sites for “public art.” Daniel’s role as an artist is that of “context provider,”—assisting communities, collecting their stories, soliciting their opinions on politics and social justice, and building the online archives and interfaces that make this data available across social, cultural and economic boundaries. Daniel’s work has been exhibited internationally at museums, festivals including the Corcoran Biennial, the University of Paris, the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival, Ars Electronica and the Lincoln Center Festival as well as on the Internet. Her essays have been published in books and professional journals such as Leonardo and the Sarai Reader. Daniel has recently presented “Improbablevoices.net” at SFCamerawork in San Francisco, the Fundacion Telefonica in Buenos Aires and at the conference “contested commons” in New Delhi, India. Her current research is supported by grants from the Daniel Langlois Foundation and the Creative Work Fund.

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