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Jason Farman

Graduate Student, Theater Dept., UCLA

Jason Farman
Jason Farman is a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Theater at UCLA. He is currently working on his dissertation entitled, “Pixilated Performances: Digital Bodies on the Digital Stage” (under the advisement of Sue-Ellen Case, N. Katherine Hayles, Mark Poster, and Haiping Yan). He is the recipient of the 2005-2006 Chancellor’s Fellowship for Dissertation Research from the University of California. He has also received the Thomas F. Marshall Grant from the American Society for Theatre Research (2005) and the Aaron Curtis Taylor Memorial Fellowship for Critical Studies in Theater from the School of Theater, Film, Television, and Digital Media at UCLA (2004).

Working at the intersection of digital media and performance, Jason’s work investigates the modes of bodily signification on digital stage spaces. He has presented his research at numerous conferences across the country. Recently, he was invited to present on the “Fresh Print: Emerging Scholars” panel at the Association for Theatre in Higher Education conference in San Francisco. His paper, “The Virtual Artaud: Computer Virus as Performance Art,” which was recently published, was derived from his dissertation chapter on digital bodies in performance. This chapter theorizes the modes of signification and proprioception surrounding the body and the computer in an era of fluid global borders, increased surveillance, and the “posthuman” body.

Jason is a co-editor for the journal Extensions: The Online Journal of Embodied Technology and also designed the website for the 2005 issue of the journal. He has designed several websites for colleges and universities, including UCLA’s new Center for Performance Studies.

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