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Marc Breisinger

Visiting Graduate Student, Computer Science Dept., UC Santa Barbara, from the Ludwig – Maximilian – University Munich, Germany

Marc Breisinger
Marc Breisinger’s current research project, LEMMA, tries to evaluate the benefits of computer assisted learning environments and the advantages that an exclusively available tutoring system might hold for the student. His further research interests cover computer graphics, virtual and augmented reality, human computer interaction and ubiquitous computing.

Links: Ludwig – Maximilian – University Munich | Department of Media Computer Science | Fluidum | 4EyesLab UCSB | LEMMA – Learning Environment with Multi-Media Augmentations

Research Samples:

3D Scanning & Reconstruction (German)

hAiR – hair Augmented into Reality

Contribution to Transliteracies Project:
The iPod as E-book (Research Report)
FogScreen (Research Report with James K. Ford)
XML (Research Report)

  Marc, 01.06.06

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