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Angus Forbes

Graduate Student, Media Arts & Technology Program, UC Santa Barbara

Angus Forbes
Angus Forbes is a graduate student in Media Arts and Technology (Visual and Spatial Arts emphasis) at UC Santa Barbara. His research interests include information visualization, augmented intelligence, artificial creativity, machine learning, and education. Angus was the founder of Synaesthetic Software, a company that develops music education software. He currently works for the National Geospatial Digital Archive as a programmer and interface designer. Angus is also the drummer for Chamisa Mesa, an experimental noise-rock band. In a former life, Angus was a PhD student in British and American Literature at the University of Utah.

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Research Sample: [under construction]

Contributions to Transliteracies Project:
Haptic Visuality (Laura U. Marks’s Touch: Sensuous Theory and Multisensory Media)(Research Report)
Computing with Words (Lofti Zadeh’s Fuzzy Logic and Natural Language/Perception Processing)(Research Report)
The Semantic Web (Research Report)

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