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Canadian Symposium on Text Analysis (CaSTA)

Conference series that brings together computer scientists and humanities computing researchers to share research on “the linguistic, visual, and aural manifestations of text.”

  • “What textual research methodologies can be automated or assisted by computing?
  • How can computing assist us in visualizing electronic texts?
  • What data mining techniques are there for answering interesting questions relevant to humanist enquiry within large bodies of texts?
  • How can text analysis research benefit and learn from applied text systems in such areas as science, law, and digital libraries?
  • What new models are there for navigating and displaying textual information, including multimedia?
  • What is some of the current research in computer science that may have an application in humanist enquiry?
  • What roles do genres (both traditional and digital) play in the development of
  • and use of digital text?
  • How are new interaction devices (from handhelds to tabletops, wall displays and
  • wearable devices) changing the way that we interact with text?
  • How are they changing design models for digital text?
  • How do we evaluate the effectiveness and usefulness of new methodologies and
  • technologies for using and studying text?
  • What open questions in Humanities Computing can be addressed by further computer science research?”
    (from Overview of CaSTA ‘06)

    Starter Links: CaSTA home page | Overview of CaSTA ‘06

  AlanLiu, 04.01.06

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