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Memories for Life Grand Challenge Proposal

Project devoted to considering strategies for information storage and retrieval.

“People are capturing and storing an ever-increasing amount of information about themselves, including emails, web browsing histories, digital images, and audio recordings. This tsunami of data presents numerous challenges to computer science, including: how to physically store such “digital memoriesâ€? over decades; how to protect privacy, especially when data such as photos may involve more than one person; how to extract useful knowledge from this rich library of information; how to use this knowledge effectively, for example in knowledge-based systems; and how to effectively present memories and knowledge to different kinds of users. The unifying grand challenge I to manage this data, these digital memories, for the benefit of human life and for a lifetime.â€? (from the Memories for Life project proposal.)

Starter Links: Memories for Life (.pdf file)

  tl, 01.15.06

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