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Online educational tool to help teach Latin paleography.

“Ductus, from the Latin ducere (to lead), is a digital program designed for the teaching of Latin paleography either locally or via the internet. The program is based on 60 extremely high resolution facsimiles of manuscripts from the period 150-1500 A.D. It includes videos depicting a (modern) scribe at work, a 14-session course, and extensive glossaries and support documentation. It is already used byteachers and independent scholars around the world. In 2000 it received The Australian Award for Excellence in Tertiary Educational Multimedia. Ductus is available either for use by individuals or by institutions with a site licensing arrangement.

Ductus features:

  • Individual analyses of over 60 sample manuscript
    facsimiles, including folios from The Book of Kells.
  • Extensive interactive glossaries of terms and bibliographies.

  • Online library of seminal articles.

  • Extremely high-resolution manuscript images.

  • Videos demonstrating the craft of the medieval scribe.

  • A structured 14-session course in paleography and

  • Cross-browser – runs in Netscape and Internet Explorer.

  • Cross-platform – runs on Windows, Mac and Unix.
  • Ductus includes an introduction to the history of western European handwriting and detailed interactive analyses of 60 sample scripts chosen from manuscripts in European, North American and Australian collections.” (From the web site.)

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    Detailed information about the CD-ROM

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