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RoSE Research Reports

The following, selected Transliteracies research reports helped guide the development of the RoSE project.

(Also see the full set of Transliteracies research reports.)

Core Reports

  1. Academia.edu

  2. Collex

  3. CommentPress

  4. Comparison of Development Platforms for Social Network Data Visualizations

  5. ConceptVista

  6. EBBA recordDocument Database Integration for the Professional Social Environment (ProSE)

  7. Freebase

  8. MONK Project

  9. Open Journal System

  10. Social Book Cataloging: Humanizing

  11. RoSE Visualization Research Report

Other Relevant Reports

  1. Beyond Search: A Preliminary Skill Set for Online Literacy

  2. Blogdex

  3. CommentPress Research Report

  4. Giselle Beiguelman, The Book After the Book (1999)

  5. Inform.com

  6. Interface Ecology

  7. Library Thing

  8. MediaCommons

  9. Reading as Gathering

  10. Social Computing in 2020 Contest Winners

  11. The Semantic Web

  12. TimesPeople

Possible Topics of Future Research Reports Relevant to RoSE

  1. DigitalOcean Project, UCSB Environmental Media Initiative (including ECOSNet Early Career Ocean Scientist Network)

  2. ConceptVista (see Mark Gahegan, et al., “Connecting GEON: Making Sense of the Myriad Resources, Researchers and Concepts that Comprise a Geoscience Cyberinfrastructure,” Computers and Geosciences 35 (2009): 836-54)

  3. IKNOW (see Noshir Contrator, Andy Swarbick, “Network Analysis with I-know”; and Patricia M. Jones, “Collaborative Knowledge Management, Social Networks, and Organizational Learning”)

  4. SNAC (Social Networking and Archival Contexts) Project

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