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James Tobias

Associate Professor of English, University of California, Riverside

James Tobias

James Tobias’s research interests include several areas crucial to the study of digital media and contemporary culture. He analyzes the audio, visual, and gestural dimensions of time-based media works in terms of the most appropriate cultural and critical contexts. He is particularly interested in methodologies and frameworks for the analysis of comparative media, especially in such terms as might contribute to the understanding of interactive networked forms of globalizing digital media. His research, conference presentations, work as interaction designer and installation artist, and scholarly publications have emphasized identity construction at the interface of human and computer, the public and private, the local and the networked. Tobias has been invited to present a public talk on new media and digital media culture at the University of California, Berkeley, in February 2005, sponsored by UCB’s Center for New Media. He will have two essays in cybercultural studies published in 2005 in two separate collections from the academic publisher Rodopi, based in Amsterdam. Tobias also has been awarded a residential research fellowship at the University of California, Irvine, for winter quarter 2005. The electronic journal established by Tobias for undergrad writing at UCR is now online.

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