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Rama Hoetzlein

Graduate Student, Media Arts and Technology, UC Santa Barbara

Rama Hoetzlein

Rama Hoetzlein (b. 1975) is a media artist and computer scientist working in the areas of computer graphics, artificial intelligence, and knowledge organization. He completed a BFA in Fine Arts and a BA in Computer Science at Cornell University in 2001, with thesis works in robotic sculpture. In 2007, Rama finished his master’s thesis on knowledge organization and visualization, Quanta, with the Media Arts & Technology Program at the University of California Santa Barbara. He has shown work at the 2nd International Beijing Arts & Science Exhibition at Tsinghua University, Centre for the Contemporary Image in Geneve, Switzerland, and the Intl. Conference on the Arts & Society in Venice, Italy. Rama’s current research interests at the University of California Santa Barbara lie in the areas of social networking, knowledge systems, and artificial intelligence.

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