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Announcement: Credits

Site Content

Information about the Transliteracies project and its activities are written/edited by project leader Alan Liu, with help from research assistants Susan Cook, Gerald Egan, and Melissa Stevenson.

Rita Raley is the lead contributor to the project Links page.

Other postings and comments on the site are by individual project participants or working groups.

Site Designers

The Transliteracies site is based on WordPress. Original site design by Schoenerwissen/OfCD.

Schoenerwissen/OfCD conducts research and development in computational design. This includes original interdisciplinary research in information technology, human-computer interaction and social sciences. Their projects oscillate between web applications, visual software and communication design — for a broad range of public institutions and private clients.

The award-winning nomad design office is led by Anne Pascual and Marcus Hauer, and is currently based in California, where both pursue research in the Media Arts and Technology Program at UC Santa Barbara. Furthermore they are regular contributors to the design section of De:Bug Magazine in Berlin.

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Conference 2005 Assistants

Conference Assistants

  • Melissa Stevenson, Graduate Student, UC Santa Barbara English Department. Stevenson is the main research assistant for Conference 2005: UCSB Conversation Roundtables on Online Reading. Her interests include contemporary American literature, cultural studies, film theory, new media studies, short fiction, and children’s literature. She is completing a dissertation titled Conversations with Ghosts and Machines: Encounters with Technology and the (Re)definition of the Human in 20th Century Science Fiction about the shifting definition of humanity in response to technological change across the twentieth century.
  • Gerald Egan, Graduate Student, UC Santa Barbara English Department. Egan is the technology research assistant for Conference 2005: UCSB Conversation Roundtables on Online Reading. His interests include 19th century British literature, print culture and the history and materiality of the book, and electronic text and images.
  • Other conference research assistants: James Hodge (graduate student, English, UCSB), Kimberly Knight (graduate student, English, UCSB), Lisa Swanstrom (graduate student, Comparative Literature, UCSB)

Other Support

  • Finances: Karen Cisneros, Financial Assistant, English Dept., UCSB
  • Technical Support: Brian Reynolds, Computer Systems Specialist, English Dept., UCSB
  • Television: Ray Tracy, Production Manager, Principal Producer/Director, Televlision Services, Instructional Resources, UCSB
  • Sound and Carpentry: Kevin Kelly, Senior Producer/Director, Sound Recording, Instructional Resources, UCSB

Grant Application Assistance

Susan Cook, Graduate Student, Department of English, UC Santa Barbara
In connection with a grant proposal written in April 2005, Susan Cook assisted in preparing abbreviated c.v.’s and some of the bios for Transliteracies project members and participants (including some of the bios that appear on the project site).

Holly Unruh, Assistant Director, Interdisciplinary Humanities Center, UCSB
Dr. Unruh assisted in researching grant opportunities for the Transliteracies Project.