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Announcement: Internal Project Meetings

Transliteracies participants periodically meet face-to-face and by remote conferencing. Some of these meetings are documented with online materials (variously public and restricted to project members).

Project Meetings

Restricted to project members; requires “developers only” password:

Web Meetings

Transliteracies conducts some of its planning and development through web-meetings held in the WebEx conferencing system. WebEx meetings are recorded and made available to project members and approved guests in two available streaming formats:

  • WebEx format (.wrf) (smaller files; allows user to jump between indexed sections of a recording; automatically installs WebEx player upon clicking on a .wrf file)
  • Windows Media Video format (.wmv) (longer files; no ability to jump between indexed sections of a recording)
  • For Macintosh users(.mp4) (longer file; audio only)

    While playing a .wrf file in the WebEx Player, users can navigate between indexed sections of a recording by going to: Commands > Controls > Go To.

    Transliteracies Web-meeting, October 27, 2006: (1 hr. 31 min.):
    Contents Introductions Agenda Review of Overall Project Plan Progress in Year 1 (2005-6) Plans for Year 2 (2006-7): New Activities Plans for Year 2: Research Working Groups Alan’s Hypothesis about “UC Framework for Online Reading” (project deliverable) Discussion