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Announcement: Task Sheet

The Task Sheet allows Transliteracies Project developers to keep track of pending tasks and assignments. It is a temporary register of current activities and schedules in the project.

Potential Research Reports

The following people have expressed tentative interest in these areas and objects for study—and perhaps in developing them into research reports. Please note that nothing here is set in stone! Rather, this sheet is an internal document to help us keep organized about our interests.

Marc Breisinger: iPod as eBook

Monica Bulger: Study how students interact with online course material and whether this interaction affects academic performance.

Mike Godwin: Thermo Rewrite

Garnet Hertz: OkCupid.com, MySpace, Friendster, Facebook, Media Art, Net Art, Social Networking, Technical research related to other projects/reports

Katrina Kimport: Internet-enabled protest; identity in online communities

Kim Knight: Wikipedia.org, The $100 Laptop

Peter Krapp: Synapsen

Nowell Marshall: Ronald Rice’s book, Accessing and Browsing Information and Communication (Browsing Practices cluster).

Jessica Pressman: Mediawork Pamphlet Series, Peter Lunenfeld, editor; Poems that go: online literary journal for new media poetry, Ingrid Ankerson and Megan Sapnar, editors;
electronic book review: online journal for critical discussion about new media and electronic literature, Joseph Tabbi, editor; Bob Brown’s Readies machine: an avant-garde project described and planned in the early 1930s to create a reading machine that would use cinematic technology to make words move across a reading surface; Kybernekyia: Ezra Pound’s Canto LXXXI as “Hypervortextâ€?: a teaching tool created by Ned Bates and Gail McDonald that present the canto as a hypertext.

John Roberts: Social semantic networks, or folksonomies. Sites like Flickr (http://www.flickr.com/) or Del.icio.us ( http://del.icio.us/) where the community is capable of defining meaning for content. These are similar to things like Wikipedia, though that is more of a community-supported blog.

Lisa Swanstrom: Archive.org & the Way Back Machine, Inform.com

Alison Walker: Britain in Print, The Commonplace Book, Turning the Pages, the Ockham Initiative, BookCrossers

Objects for Study

The following are potential objects for study:

Beehive (journal)

EPC (Electronic Poetry Center) at SUNY Buffalo

IATH (Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities)

Iowa Review Web

PennSound (Univ. of PA’s)

Riding the Meridian (journal)

trAce Online Writing Center


Pending Research Reports