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Posting FAQ

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Writing Posts and Comments:

The Transliteracies Web site runs on WordPress, an open-source content management system and blog engine. The site is designed not only to publicize information about the project but to facilitate collaborative discussion among project participants and with the public. In the WordPress system as implemented on this site, there are basically three kinds of contributions that users can make depending on their permission level:

  • Categories: “Categories” for postings such as Discussion Forum or Research Project can be established by users with higher-level permissions (project leaders and administrators). Categories are like bulletin boards for postings; and may be created for particular topics, working groups, and so on.
  • Posts: “Posts,” or postings, in particular categories can be contributed only by project members, conference participants, or other member of the Transliteracies community. After logging in, go to “Write” on the site administration console, write a post, and then “publish” it (or save it as a “draft” until you are ready to publish). By default, posts are published in the Discussion Forum category, organized chronologically with the the most recent at the top. (Please do not post to such categories on the site intended to remain static as “Research Project” unless there is a specific reason to do so.) You can later edit their own postings, but not other users’ postings (unless you have a higher-level permission), by navigating to it on the site and choosing the “edit” option (or by searching for it under “manage” within the site administration console). You can enable or disable “comments” to your posting.
  • Comments: “Comments,” when enabled for a particular posting, allow other project participants as well as members of the public who register with the site to add comments/replies to a posting, though the first such comment by a member of the general public needs to be approved by a site administrator. (Site administrators also have the option of removing or editing inappropriate comments.) Only site administrators can edit or delete comments.

If you are a member of the Transliteracies community, you can thus log in and contribute to the site in a number of ways: write a post or write a comment/reply to a post. If you are a member of the general public, you can register on the site for a login that allows you to write comments/replies to posts.

Managing Posts:

Transliteracies project members and participants can edit their own posts (as well as posts of anyone with a lower level of permission). After logging in, there are two ways to navigate to a post and edit it:

  • View the site and navigate to the post you wish to edit. Then click the “edit” link to the right of the post.
  • Choose “Site Admin” to open the site management console. Then choose the “Manage” option and locate (or search for) the post you wish to edit. Posts that you have permission to edit are labeled as such; other posts are view-only.

  tl, 02.01.06

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