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Nancy A. Van House

Professor, School of Information, UC Berkeley


Michael Mateas

Associate Professor, Computer Science Department, UC Santa Cruz


Bob Stein

Director of the Institute for the Future of the Book; Chairman of Night Kitchen (more…)

Judith Green

Professor, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Robert Nideffer

Professor of Studio Art & Information and Computer Science, UC Irvine; Co-Director for the Art, Computation and Engineering Program (ACE); Director of the UC Irvine Game Culture and Technology Lab;Affiliated faculty in the Visual Studies Program Game Culture and Technology


Christopher Newfield

Professor of English, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Warren Sack

Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media, UC Santa Cruz (more…)

Jerome J. McGann

John Stewart Bryan University Professor of English, University of Virginia (more…)

J. Hillis Miller

Research Professor, UC Irvine (more…)

Matthew Turk

Professor of Computer Science; Chair, Media Arts and Technology; and Co-Director, Four Eyes Laboratory, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Ronald E. Rice

Arthur N. Rupe Professor in the Social Effects of Mass Communication and Co-Director of the Center for Film, Television and New Media, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Carol Braun Pasternack

Associate Professor of English and Medieval Studies Program, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

John Mohr

Associate Professor of Sociology; Associate Dean of the Graduate Division, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

George Legrady

Professor, Media Arts and Technology Program, and Art Dept., UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Lisa Parks

Professor of Film Studies and Center for Information Technology and Society Humanities Coordinator, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Yunte Huang

Director of Consortium for Literature, Theory, and Culture and Associate Professor of English, UC Santa Barbara (more…)


Schoenerwissen/OfCD conducts research and development in computational design. (more…)

N. Katherine Hayles

Professor of English and Design/Media Arts, UCLA (more…)

William B. Warner

Professor of English, UC Santa Barbara; Director of the UC Digital Cultures Project. (more…)

Kevin C. Almeroth

Professor, Department of Computer Science, UC Santa Barbara; Associate Director, Center for Information Technology and Society; Media Arts and Technology Program; Technology Management Program; and Computer Engineering Program, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Adrian Johns

Associate Professor in the Department of History and the Committee on Conceptual and Historical Studies of Science, Univ. of Chicago [Keynoter] (more…)

Cynthia Lewis

Professor of Literacy Education, College of Education, University of Minnesota (more…)

Rita Raley

Co-Director of UCSB English Department’s Literature & Culture of Information Specialization, Director of UCSB English Department’s Literature.Culture.Media Center and Associate Professor of English, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Christiane Paul

Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art; Faculty, MFA Computer Arts Department, School of Visual Arts; and Director of Intelligent Agent (more…)

Anne Balsamo

Director of the Institute of Multimedia Literacy, USC [Keynoter] (more…)

Alan Liu

Transliteracies Leader; Director of Transcriptions Project; Chair and Professor of the English Department, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Walter Bender

Executive Director of the MIT Media Laboratory [Keynoter] (more…)

John Seely Brown

Visiting scholar at the Annenberg Center, University of Southern California; former Chief Scientist of Xerox Corporation and Director of the Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC) (more…)

Nicholas Dames

Associate Professor of English and Comparative Literature, Columbia University (more…)

Peter Lyman

Professor Emeritus of Political Science, School of Information Management and Systems, UC Berkeley (more…)

Tara McPherson

Associate Professor and Chair, Division of Critical Studies, USC School of Cinema-Television Founder of Vectors journal at the USC Institute for Multimedia Literacy (more…)

Leah Price

Professor of English and American Literature, Harvard University (more…)

Brigitte Steinheider

Director of the Organizational Dynamics Program and Assistant Professor of Psychology, University of Oklahoma, Tulsa Graduate College (more…)

Curtis Wong

Group Manager of Microsoft Next Media Research Group (more…)