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N. Katherine Hayles

Professor of English and Design/Media Arts, UCLA

Katherine Hayles
Katherine Hayles has been a major influence in the fields of electronic textuality and literature, new media studies, literature and science, and modern and postmodern American and British fiction. Her How We Became Posthuman: Virtual Bodies in Cybernetics, Literature and Informatics (Univ. of Chicago Press, 1999) was named one of the best 25 books of 1999 by Village Voice and was the winner of the Rene Wellek Prize for Best Book in Literary Theory for 1998-1999, American Comparative Literature Association, and of the Eaton Award for the Best Book in Science Fiction Theory and Criticism, 1998-99. Her other books include My Mother Was a Computer: Digital Subjects and Literary Texts (University of Chicago Press, 2005); Writing Machines (MIT Press, 2002); Chaos Bound: Orderly Disorder in Contemporary Literature and Science (Cornell Univ. Press, 1990); and The Cosmic Web: Scientific Field Models and Literary Strategies in the Twentieth Century (Cornell Univ. Press, 1984). She is currently working on two projects, a primer of electronic literature (uinder contract to the University of Notre Dame Press) and a study of narrative and database (under contract to the University of Chicao Press). Among her other professional activities, Hayles has been President of the Society for Literature and Science and on the Executive Committee of the Modern Language Assoc. Literature and Science Division; the Editorial Board of Comparative Literature Studies; Board of Consultants, Science-Fiction Studies; Editorial Board of Configurations: A Journal for Literature, Science, and Technology; and Board of Directors of the Electronic Literature Organization.

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