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Giles Bergel

Lecturer and Arnhold Postdoctoral Fellow in Early Modern Literature and Media Technology, English Department, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Lisa Gitelman

Associate Professor and Director of the Program in Media Studies, Catholic University in Washington, DC. (more…)

Clifford Siskin

Professor of English, New York University (more…)

Paula McDowell

Visiting Associate Professor of English, New York University. (more…)

Tobias Höllerer

Assistant Professor, Department of Computer Science; Co-Director, Four Eyes Laboratory, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Sharon Daniel

Associate Professor of Film and Digital Media, University of California, Santa Cruz; member of University of California Digital Arts Research Network (DARnet) (more…)

Judith Green

Professor, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Sue-Ellen Case

Professor and Chair of Critical Studies, Department of Theater, UCLA (more…)

Mark Goble

Assistant Professor of English, UC Irvine (more…)

Christopher Newfield

Professor of English, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Mark Meadow

Associate Professor of History of Art and Architecture, UC Santa Barbara; Co-Director of UC Microcosms Project (more…)

Mark Rose

Associate Vice Chancellor and Professor of English, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Matthew Turk

Professor of Computer Science; Chair, Media Arts and Technology; and Co-Director, Four Eyes Laboratory, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Ronald E. Rice

Arthur N. Rupe Professor in the Social Effects of Mass Communication and Co-Director of the Center for Film, Television and New Media, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

John Mohr

Associate Professor of Sociology; Associate Dean of the Graduate Division, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Yunte Huang

Director of Consortium for Literature, Theory, and Culture and Associate Professor of English, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

N. Katherine Hayles

Professor of English and Design/Media Arts, UCLA (more…)

Bruce Bimber

Associate Professor of Political Science and Communication at UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Peter Lyman

Professor Emeritus of Political Science, School of Information Management and Systems, UC Berkeley (more…)