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Technology for Presenters and Participants at the Charrette

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The Transliteracies RoSE Design Charrette on February 26, 2010, will occur in Bren Hall in rooms 1424 (plenary sessions) and 1520 and 3526 (breakout sessions).

Bren Hall 1424Bren Hall 1424Room 1424, which seats about 65 at tables, has a podium equipped with an in-place PC that feeds dual projectors (one on each side of the room) plus a big-screen video at the back of the room (for the benefit of presenters). Also available is a video-cam overhead projector rig (for showing paper, books, transparencies) that can be fed to the digital projectors. The VGA cable can be hooked up to to laptops instead of the in-place PC (please bring your own Mac dongle, though we will try to have some available). Sound is also available. Software on the in-place PC includes Firefox and the Microsoft Office 2003 suite (so presenters will need to have PowerPoints in .ppt format, not .pptx). We have verified that the Firefox browser has plug-ins for Flash and PDF, and that Java is working on the machine.

Rooms 1520 and 3526 are seminar rooms seating between about 25 and 35. They each have a podium with an in-place PC feeding a single projector. A VGA cable can be hooked up to a laptop instead.

Bren Hall runs on its own wired as well as wireless network connection to the Internet (not the normal UCSBnet wireless on campus). We will have a special, temporary login for the wireless on the day of the event (we will make the login info available on location), so all participants should be able to be on the net. There are also plenty of power outlets distributed around the floor of Room 1424, most of which we are told are working.

(Note: Presenters at the podium should be aware that if you use a laptop instead of the in-place PC, you cannot use Ethernet for the net connection because of the special Bren network. You will need to go wireless instead.)

We have set up an Event Wiki for real-time online support for the charrette—e.g., a forum and/or a space to post photos (including photos of any whiteboarding at the breakout sessions).

  ayliu, 02.02.10

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