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Announcement: Transliteracies Events

While Transliteracies is primarily a research project rather than event series, it organizes key lectures, conferences, and workshops or colloquia in support of its research activities.

Paradigms Lecture Series

“Paradigms” is a focused lecture series that showcases important research approaches with the potential to influence the direction of the UC Transliteracies Project on online reading. (Lectures, which may occur at various campuses, will be videotaped and made available to Transliteracies project members at other campuses.)

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Conference 2005 (UCSB Conversation Roundtables on Online Reading) helped launch the Transliteracies project. Other project-wide conferences will occur in future years of the project.

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Workshops & Colloquia

Transliteracies research working groups convene through teleconferences and workshops or colloquia.

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Internal Project Meetings

Transliteracies participants periodically meet face-to-face and by remote conferencing. Some of these meetings are documented with online materials (variously public and restricted to project members).

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Events of Interest Elsewhere

Talks, conferences, workshops, exhibitions, and other events mounted by other organizations or programs that may be of special interest to Transliteracies Project participants.