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Ramesh Srinivasan, “Intersections between the Cultural and Digital: New Models for Technological Appropriation”

Friday, February 20th, 2009: 12:00pm, South Hall 2635

Ramesh Srinivasan is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Information Studies and Design|Media Arts at the University of California Los Angeles. He earned a doctorate in design from Harvard University, a Master of Science in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT Media Laboratory and a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering from  Stanford University.

New Media technologies, indeed, are artifacts, inscribed with particular cultural meanings and significations. However, technologies constructed around particular ontological approaches have and continue to be appropriated locally, enabling diverse discursive considerations of health, community, economy, and more to be imprinted on the original artifact. These appropriations point to the possibility of creating a web that maintains ontological tension, the push and pull between different cultural approaches toward an issue that is so important to learning and sharing of knowledge. In this talk, I will discuss this vision of the web, while considering the futuristic ideologies of a “World Brain”. Specific grassroots, indigenous media projects led throughout the world will be discussed to demonstrate the possibilities inherent within a web of difference and diversity.

Please RSVP so we may order enough lunch: raley@english.ucsb.edu-more->

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