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Julia Panko

Graduate Student, English Dept., UC Santa Barbara

Julia Panko

Julia Panko is a Ph.D. candidate in English at UC Santa Barbara.  She received her B.A. in literature from Pomona College and her Master’s in Anglo-Irish Literature from Trinity College, Dublin.  Her research interests include the 20th/21st century novel; modernism (especially British and Irish); the history and theory of information culture and technology; the Irish language; and James Joyce.  Her dissertation focuses on the relationship between information culture and the modern and contemporary novel, especially in terms of projects of information collection and storage.  Julia has been a Research Assistant for the Literature.Culture.Media Center.  In her current position as Arnhold Graduate Fellow, she works to coordinate the English department’s Arnhold Undergraduate Research Fellows Program, which focuses on enriching the experience of undergraduate research within the department.

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