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Roundtable 2: Reading and Media

Friday, June 17th, 3:30-5:00 (6020 HSSB)

Moderator: Rita Raley. Discussants: Walter Bender, Nicholas Dames, N. Katherine Hayles, Yunte Huang, George Legrady, Tara McPherson, Lisa Parks, Christiane Paul, Warren Sack, Matthew Turk, Curtis Wong

  1. “In what terms can we discuss the cultural significance, value, and function of reading in the age of new media and multimedia, a moment when multi-sensory immersive experience seems to be privileged?â€?

  2. “What is the contemporary role of text in relation to images and audio?”

  3. “What will reading be like in the age of ‘ubicomp’ (ubiquitous computing)? How have different screen environments (CAVEs, cell phones, PDAs) and different modes of content delivery affected our notions of reading?â€?

  4. “To be ‘literate’ today, should students have some basic knowledge of code?”

  5. “What promising directions in engineering, cognitive science, or artistic research can help reorient the act of reading in the world of new media?”

  6. “What future role can be envisaged for translation technologies (natural language, voice recognition)?â€?

  7. “What about pleasure and affect? Is online reading enjoyable?”

  8. “How can reading online be improved? And what do we have to do to get there?”

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