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Kimberly Knight

Graduate student, English Dept., UC Santa Barbara

Kimberly Knight

Kimberly Knight is a doctoral candidate in Literature at UC Santa Barbara. Her research interests include literary and cultural theory; digital and information culture; new media literature and art; and twentieth century literature. She is currently writing her dissertation on viral structures in contemporary literature and new media. Knight is a member of the development team of The Agrippa Files: an Online Archive of Agrippa (a book of the dead) and has served as the RA for the Transcriptions Studio at UCSB. She is also the Flash designer and co-author of the Transliteracies History of the Book project, “In the Beginning Was the Word”.

Links: The Agrippa Files | home page

Research Sample: [under construction]

Contributions to Transliteracies Project:
MIT Media Labs $100 Laptop
“Cognitive Science and the History of Reading”
The Coh-Metrix Project
The Book after the Book
“The Dreamlife of Letters”
On CommentPress: Interview with McKenzie Wark

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