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Sticky: Research Assistants

Project Coordinators: Elizabeth Swanstrom (2005-2007); Kimberly Knight (2007-2008).

Ethan Tussey

Graduate Student, Film, Television and Digital Media, UC Los Angeles (more…)

Renee Hudson

Graduate Student, English, UC Los Angeles (more…)

Regina Longo

Graduate Student, Film and Media Studies, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Kate Marshall

Graduate Student, English Dept., UC Los Angeles (more…)

Nicole Starosielski

Graduate Student, Film and Media Studies Dept., UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Kimberly Knight

Graduate student, English Dept., UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Monica Bulger

Graduate Student, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education, UC Santa Barbara (more…)

Katrina Kimport

Graduate Student, Sociology Dept., UC Santa Barbara (more…)