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Announcement: Project News

RoSE logoTransliteracies is hosting a design charrette at UCSB on February 26, 2010, for its participants and invited guests. The charrette focuses on the Transliteracies RoSE (Research-oriented Social Environment) project, now in beta development (accessible to Transliteracies participants). But it also branches out in breakout groups to consider critical research problems related to socially-mediated computing and knowledge production—including expertise and networked public knowledge, data-mining and visualization of social networks, information credibility, fluid ontologies and metadata for social and historical research, and online reading and research environments.

Announcement: The Project

Established in 2005, Transliteracies brings together scholars in the humanities, arts, social sciences, and computer science in the University of California system whose work contributes to research on the impact of digital, networked technologies on reading practices. Transliteracies has established multiple working groups, brought the different approaches of those groups into conjunction behind a shared technology development initiative (the RoSE Research-oriented Social Environment); disseminated research; and trained a large number of graduate students working at the intersections of technological, social, artistic, and humanistic disciplines.

Announcement: General Topic

Users of today’s digital, networked information spend an increasing amount of time each day “reading” online textual and multimedia materials. Yet the practices of digital reading in online environments are not well understood according to the protocols of reading that arose in the last two centuries to support the individual, organizational, and social needs of late-literate societies. (more…)

Announcement: Project Members

Current project faculty participants include the following. Project leader: Alan Liu. Members: Kevin C. Almeroth * Johanna Drucker * Jennifer Earl * Andrew Flanagin * James Frew * James Kearney * Peter Krapp * George Legrady * Leah Lievrouw * Lev Manovich * Michael Matteas * Robert Nideffer * Lisa Parks * Carol Braun Pasternack * Rita Raley * Warren Sack * James Tobias * Ramesh Srinivasan * Nancy A. Van House * Noah Wardrip-Fruin * William Warner. (Member bios)