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Announcement: Transliteracies Research Clearinghouse

To educate itself and others about recent research developments relevant to the problem of online reading, Transliteracies is creating a research Clearinghouse. Sections of the Clearinghouse include: Objects for Study, Research Reports, Research Papers, Gallery, Glossary, and Bibliography.

Objects for Study

“Objects for Study” is an initial collection point where project members suggest interesting objects, designs, tools, articles, books, and other recent research developments to explore. Objects are roughly classified as relevant to one or more of the Transliteracies working groups on History of Reading, Online Reading and Society, and New Reading Interfaces. They range across the spectrum of innovation—both contemporary and historical—from paradigmatic instances of hardware, software, interfaces, and protocols to more general social conventions or research trends.

Research Reports

Research reports focus on high-priority items in “Objects for Study.” Reports are written in a standard format designed both to synopsize the topic and to offer a preliminary evaluation of the opportunities it suggests for Transliteracies’s goal of improving online reading. (Drafts of reports are also available.)

Research Papers

Articles, essays, reviews of literature, talks, and white papers generated by the Transliteracies project.


“The Gallery” exhibits images, Flash animations, audio/video files, Powerpoint files, and other multimedia presentations collected or created by the Transliteracies Project to support of its research. A primary goal of the Gallery is to present crucial ideas or examples in the research areas explored by particular Transliteracies working groups so that they can be quickly grasped by researchers in other working groups with different expertise. For example, the History of Reading working group is currently at work on a visual exhibit of the history of the book. Similarly, the Online Reading & Social Groups working group may produce an exhibit of some of the main variants of social networking.


The Glossary provides definitions of words that may be of interest to Transliteracies Project members, as well as to the general reading public.


Suggested scholarly books and articles related to research into online reading. This bibliography was created by Monica Bulger, and will be expanded as the Transliteracies project continues. See also the History of Reading group’s bibliography and see also Objects for Study for annotated citations of a wider range of related materials (including web, hardware, software, historical, and artistic resources as well as selected items from this bibliography).