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Announcement: Annotated Bibliography (History of Reading)

Partially annotated bibliography of the Transliteracies History of Reading research group. This bibliography was created by research assistants in the History of Reading working group, and will be expanded as the Transliteracies project continues. See also the Online Literacy Skills Bibliography and the Social Computing Bibliography. Objects for Study in the project’s Research Clearinghouse contains annotated citations of a wider range of related materials (including web, hardware, software, historical, and artistic resources as well as selected items from this bibliography).

Working Bibliography for History of the Book/Reading:

Cavallo and Chartier, A History of Reading in the West (Cambridge UK: Polity Press, 2004). Annotated Entry.

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Smith and Taylor, eds. Women and the Book: Assessing the Evidence (The British Library Studies in Medieval Culture). Toronto: University of Toronto Press, 1997.

This collection of essays analyzes the many relationships between women and books during the Middle Ages, and pays special attention to images of women with books. It is divided into three parts: Images of Women, Images and Books By Women, and Images and Books for Women. (more…)

Cavallo and Chartier, A History of Reading in the West. Cambridge UK: Polity Press, 2004.

This book provides an in depth history of reading practices from Classical Greece and Rome; the Middle Ages and Humanism; the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries; and on up to the present day. Each chapter, written by a different scholar, analyzes how reading changes over time. (more…)

Clanchy, M.T. From Memory to Written Record, England 1066-1307. Oxford: Blackwell, 1993.

This work traces the evolution of reading practices from oral culture to the more widespread use of written documentation and record keeping in the eleventh through fourteenth centuries. (more…)